Welcome to the USPC Website

The Uganda Society of Professional Chemists is a non-profit organisation that aims to unite chemists and professionals from related fields for the transformation of livelihoods through advancing the chemical sciences.
We seek to achieve this aim by implementing our Objectives and providing a wide range of Services to our members and the community.


Embracing Technology in Chemical Analysis

Uganda Socety of Professional Chemists advocates for utilisation of technological advances to address global challenges. We advocate for use of advanced chromatographic techniques like HPLC, GC, MS to aid forensic investigations, ascertain parentage and detect trace impurities in imported and locally manufactured products.

We also engage in market research that is relevant to the chemical professionals, scholars, industrialists and policy makers.

Benefits to Members

USPC offers a wide range of unique benefits to its members. We place high value on both the professional and personal development of our members, ensuring that contuinued membership always builds the individual or group. Read More

Membership Classes

The Uganda Society of Professional Chemists derives its strength from its membership.
Corporately, our members provide a pool of diverse skills and experiences that are key in advancing the reputation and vitality of the Society. Membership to USPC assures continued professional development and networking opportunities for all our individual members.
There are several different membership classes depending on the qualifications of the individual. The Membership Form is available for download. Click here to download it. Read More