USPC provides services to various to its members, Industries, researchers and Education all aimed at helping the growth, development and advancements in the chemical sciences

Members Benefits


Networking: USPC offers a wide range of unique benefits to its members. We place high value on both the professional and personal development of our members, ensuring that contuinued membership always builds the individual or group. All our members have the unique opportunity to develop thier networking skills and personal contacts through our networking programmes.

Services for Members


Get Up-to-date industry information
Participate in several educational and leisure tours annually
Attend all USPC Events at highly subsidised rates
Participate in Research activities conducted by the Society
Get a unique Publishing platform for your work in our bi-annual scientific journal

Research & Education

Strengthen innovation through research and technology
Guidance to both research and education institutions on policy making
Promotion of the attractiveness of the African higher education
Partner with funding organisations to provide scholarships to students.

Services for Industry


Get professional advisory and consultancy on a wide range of industry issues
cGMP, Health and Safety awareness for the industry workplace
Benefit from our cutting-edge research and development on new products and processes
Participate in educational seminars and conferences
Get accredited and competent employees

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